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tv   This Week With George Stephanopoulos  ABC  February 8, 2015 10:30am-11:31am EST

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>> announcer: starting right now on abc's "this week." war against isis. the urgent questions this morning. what happened to the last american hostage? and how will the u.s. respond? martha raddatz in jordan with the american general leading the coalition against the terror group. then, the race for 2016 is on. our interview with ted cruz. why he's overseas meeting world leaders this morning. is he closer to jumping in? and clinton countdown. is her campaign ready to launch? from abc news "this week" request george stephanopoulos begins now. >> good morning. was in this week that turned the tide in the war against isis?
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that's the question this morning. with the arab world rising up in resolve after the execution of the jordanian pilot. martha raddatz is in jord thnan this morning. good morning, martha. >> reporter: good morning, george. general allen says the coalition against isis is strengthening every day. the horrific murder of the young pilot has backfired on the terrorist group. with shocking atrocities in the headlines this week isis has redefined barbarity after the slaying of the jordanian pilot. now the group claims 26-year-old american aid worker kale la mueller, the last known american hostage was killed in a retaliatory air strike by the jordanians. would you call this a tipping point? >> it's an important point for our arab alice. it will be a moment that creates additional unity. >> reporter: the man behind the
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unified fight against isis is retired marine corps general john allen, appointing as president obama's special envoy. >> we'll degrade and ultimately destroy isil. >> reporter: the appalling events of this week underscore the urgency of the fight. on tuesday, isis released video showing the jordanian pilot burned alive while trapped in a cage, triggering outrage around the world. do you believe the murder of the lieutenant backfired on isis? >> absolutely it did. >> reporter: jordan's king abdullah urging his people to fight back against isis. the first move the execution of two al qaeda prisoners on jordan's death row. then on thursday a wave of crushing jordan yan air strikes. a video released to drive home the point. the missiles with inscriptions
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calling isis the enemy of islam. >> the king king abdullah has indicated a wish to do more. >> reporter: what effect has this had? >> it's unified the coalition. >> reporter: in iraq general allen help d unite sunni tribes and forge relationships with middle eastern leaders. >> the arab states within this coalition are providing important leadership in this regard. >> reporter: until now, allen has had trouble forming a coalition. the u.s. has been responsible for 80% of all strikes against isis. you told george stephanopoulos in august what was needed was a hard blow against isil and you needed a comprehensive plan. have both been accomplished? >> i believe they have.
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co khobani is a place it happened. >> reporter: it's now abandoned. >> the businesses piles of debris. >> reporter: but much of the rest of the country is a battleground. syria seems like an absolute breeding ground for terrorism right now. >> it's a very important concern, obviously, to us. we don't have partner in syria, as we do in iraq. >> reporter: when you look at iraq still a third, about a third that isil controls? >> well they control population centers. that's what's relevant. >> reporter: you look at the iraqi security forces have they really come far enough to be capable of doing this in the next few months or even a year to retaking territory? >> we have worked very hard at several levels to prepare the iraqi security forces to do this. >> reporter: coalition forces are going up against what general allen believes is a more
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formidable enemy than even al qaeda. >> isil is at an entirely different level than al qaeda was. >> reporter: are they harder to find now? they have adapted. >> they have. we expected that would be the case. you don't see the long convoys now with flags flying in broad daylight. we have also adapted our targeting process as well. >> reporter: still, the shadow of isis couldfar-reaching. do you believe they pose a threat to the homeland? >> i think we should take it seriously. >> reporter: aid worker kayla's parents hope she's still alive. meanwhile, the air strikes continue unabated. general al lep does acknowledge this is a generational fight. despite setbacks, this is an enemy that is not going away. george? >> thank you, martha. we're joined by the foreign
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minister of jordan. do you have solid information about kayla muller the american hostage? >> no no solid information. our prayers are for her to be safe and sound and alive. but, we don't have information. i'm sure your services have that information. >> we just heard general allen say that the atrocity against your pilot by isis this week has galvanized the arab world, the fight against isis. we have seen jordan step up the fight. do you believe isis is on the run? >> they're on the run. they're not gone yet. certainly, the sustained air campaign of the last few months has degraded their cape btabilityies on the ground. they still control vast territory. have access to syria's cash and funds. they have access to weaponry. they're not gone. there's though doubt.
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we'll prevail. it won't be easy or quick. >> mr. minister thank you for your time. >> thank you, my friend. rivaled by the escalating fight between russia and ukraine. the obama administration saying it may be ready to arm ukraine's military a move strongly opposed by some european leaders. >> too many times president putin has promised peace and delivered tanks. troops. and weapons. so we will continue to provide ukraine with security assistance. not to encourage war. but to allow ukraine to defend itself. >> republican ted cruz also attended that conference. thank you for joining us this morning from munich. we have heard of this division between the europeans and perhaps the united states over this issue of arming the ukraine
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militarily. where do you stand on that? >> george good morning. great to be with you. this conference in munich has highlighted the nrms national security threats facing america that are growing and getting worse. and when it comes to russia and ukraine, the path we're on doesn't make sense. we need to be providing defensive arms to the people of the ukraine. i met yesterday alongside a bipartisan congressional delegation with the ukrainian president he made clear they're fighting to defend their nation. we have a treaty obligation to stand with them. right now, unfortunately, the obama administration is not honoring that. we need to come together and provide defensive arms so they can stand up against the russian aggression. >> i know you said in the past that the answer is to bomb isis back to the stone age.
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most experts say that will not be enough. you'll need ground forces as well the. would you call up american forces in others don't step up? incht don't believe right now we need american boots on the ground. the reason is, we have boots on the ground already with the kurds. the pesh merga are trained fighters. i med with the president of curd stan. he made clear that they're ready to fight. they are fighting isis. it makes no sense. our government is not providing military weapons to the kurds. they're shuttling it to baghdad. they're slow in getting it to the kurds. we need to arm the kurds. we need to use the pesh merga on the ground. >> if that's not enough would you be willing to send american ground troops into the battle? >> we need to accomplish the
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mission. the mission should be defeating isis before they succeed in carrying out more horrific acts of terror. if need be we should go that step. but it should be driven by the mission. the first step should be to effectively arm the pesh merga. the problem is right now, the obama/clinton/kerry policy has been consistently wrong. it's been wrong on isis on russia on iran. our policy from leading from behind we have seen photo op foreign policy. we drop a bomb here on a missile there. we need a focused, direct military objective of taking out and destroying isis. >> they're posing a threat to the homeland adds well. the department of homeland security about to run out of
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funding by tend of the month. speaker boehner has called you out in the effort to block that funding in an effort to block the president's executive orders on immigration. do you have a strat yi to get democratic votes to implement your plan? if not, what are you going to do to make sure the funding is in place? >> i don't agree with the premise of your question. this was not my plan. i fought in december against this plan. i said this plan doesn't make sense. it gives away all our leverage. it's a plan that is designed to fail. so i would ask leadership this is their plan they dezintd, let's see what their next step is. i'll say two things. this past week we saw senate democrats three times filibuster funding for the department of homeland security. the democrats need to stop fill bustering funding for the dhs. and republicans, what we need to
10:42 am
do is honor the commitments we made to the voters. we need to fund dhs. we need to act effectively to stop president obama's illegal and unconstitutional executive amnesty. >> let me ask you a question about the economy. new unemployment numbers. more than 1 million jobs created in the last three months. a solid forecast for 2015 as well. what does that do to your party's strategy going to 2016? here's what kevin hassett said. she says when hillary clinton runs, she'll say the republicans gave us a crappy economy twice, we fixed it twice. why would you trust them again? >> look if hillary clinton wants to run by telling the americans that the economy is doing great and you can credit president obama and hillary clinton for it i would encourage her to follow that strategy. that's true for the wealthy.
10:43 am
the top 1% under president obama. the mill nairionaires and billionaires that he demagogues they are doing well. they have gotten fat and happy under big government. i'll tell you, hard-working men and women across america are hurting. we, today, have the lowest labor force participation since 1978. 92 million americans are not working. we have seen wajs stagnate. >> sounds like you have your economic stump speech down. you've been making the case that the gop can't go with the establishment candidate this time around. you say republicans lose when they go for the mushy middle. you like and respect jeb bush. but you have suggested he's part of the mushy middle. >> he's a good man. he's a good governor. i respect him. if he chooses to run it looks
10:44 am
like he will. he'll have to make the case to primary voters concern his record certainly his support for common core concerning his policies on immigration. i think we'll have a debate on that. but at the end of the day, i think republicans are looking for a leader. and i'll tell you, george what i would urge every republican thinking about running to do this is true of senators governors, stand up and lead. i would be thrilled if six months from now, we have half dozen republicans standing and leading and making the case. there is a better way we can get back to the free market principles and constitutional liberties that built this country and made the country a shining city on a hill. >> sounds like a vigorous debate is coming. i know you have to catch a plane. thank you very much. >> thank you, george. ted cruz just one of those stepping up the action. "the roundtable" weighs? on the moves. and the latest on the brian williams controversy. what it says about our media
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new light & fit protein shakes. taste the power of satisfaction. ♪ dannon ♪ in this week's "closer look" the controversy surrounding brian williams. the nbc anchor has apologized and taken himself off the air. after veterans called him out for falsely claiming his helicopter was hit by a rocket in the iraq war. it's sparked a debate on social media and news rooms. david wright starts us off. >> reporter: it's become painfully apparent to me that i am now too much a part of the news due to my action. so said a personal note from brian williams posted on the nbc news website. the anchor deciding to take himself off the broadcast for the next several days. >> i made a mistake in recalling the events of 12 years ago.
10:48 am
>> reporter: that decision after an extraordinary mea culpa this past week. >> i want to apologize. i said i was traveling in an aircraft that was hit by rpg fire. i was instead in a following aircraft. >> reporter: apologizing for a segment broadcast on nbc nightly news the previous week. is there the story started with a terrible moment a dozen years back during the invasion of iraq when the helicopter we were traveling in was forced down after being hit by an rpg. >> reporter: in that story, williams paid tribute to a soldier who he says saved his life. nbc posted the story to facebook. soldiers on the helicopter struck by a rocket-propelled grenade called williams out. sorry, dude. i don't remember you being on my aircraft. flight engineer lance reynolds wrote. i do remember you walking up about an hour after we landed to ask what had happened. door gunner mike o'keefe called williams a liar.
10:49 am
williams then admitted he must have misremembered. the incident has exposed him to ridicule. people poegs parodies. brian williams at gettysburg. brian williams with the ten commandments. now williams' reporting have come under scrutiny too. nbc news has launched an internal investigation. the news division president telling the staff, we're working on what the best next steps are. but, if his own statement, williams made it clear he plans to come back. for "this week" david wright abc news new york. >> let's talk about it now with our experts, liz spade and david folkencrift. liz, let's start with you. brian williams putting himself on the bench for awe foo days. nbc investigating. are those the right moves? what needs to be happening?
10:50 am
>> i think it's the right move. i think it's a few days late. i would have said that the network and brian williams should have made a decision to do this earlier, when it first erupted. i think the right move next actually is for the network to have this investigation that they've started be done outside. i don't think that there's going to be enough credibility that gets attached to that kind of an investigation when the people doing it no doubt have personal connections, personal relationships with brian williams. they work for a network ho has a lot at stake. that would be my recommendation. >> and some reports that maybe nbc had known about this in the past. that's what cbs did when dan rather had the questions about the reporting on george w. bush's draft record. they brought in an outside panel. >> they did that after dan rather used the evening news
10:51 am
cast to protect and defend his completely discredited report. i think that is what cost rather his job, the way he handled it. we learn it time and time again. not that journalists should be thought of as authoritative. but when they fall short, and they often do how they deal with it that they're judged. >> the same standards journalists use for poll sixes. does it make a difference that for these exaggerations, most of them were on shows that were not his own show. it wasn't the reporting. it was him talking about his story. >> i don't know that that matters. i think this whole cult of person that willty if you will. a star reporter whose name is almost as important as the media brand that they work for. so he is a personification of that to the public. his public integrity sonis on
10:52 am
display. >> what are the next best steps? >> i think you have seen this thing. they called it a review inside nbc news. there's been no promise of diz closure of the findings. no promise opthey're signaling whether or not brian williams comes back. think they need to keep faith with the public. they need to be transparent. if brian williams wants to rebuild his career he's been there more than two decades, perhaps he needs a chance. he needs to make good. the network needs to make good. >> okay david, liz, thank you very much. up next jon karl takes a deep dive into hillary 2.0. has she learned the lessons from her loss? and rick and karen santorum
10:53 am
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not a single democrat wants to pursue the nomination. on the off chance hillary may throw her hat in the ring. what is so scary about this woman's hat? [ laughter ] >> well whatever is in that hat is working. democrats uniting earlier than ever behind their presumptive nominee. hillary was the big favorite last time too. hat lessons has she learned? our jon karl analyzes the crucial questions. >> thank you, florida democrats. >> reporter: the last time she ran, hillary clinton was such a
10:56 am
big front-runner, she told george it would be over by super tuesday. >> i'm in it for the long run. it won't be a long run. >> reporter: it wasn't over until june. not the way she expected. >> this is not exactly the party i planned. but i sure like the company. >> reporter: this time around she's an even bigger front-runner. hillary clinton is gearing up for a different kind of campaign. >> i'm back. >> reporter: hillary 1.0 put the emphasis on experience. >> ready to lead on day one. who is ready to be president. on day one. >> reporter: portraying herself as the only one to trust in a time of crisis. >> it's 2:00 a.m., time for a president who is ready. >> reporter: 2016 a more humble hillary clinton. >> if i really didn't have a good strategy for my campaign. i didn't plan it the right way. >> what do you mean? >> i don't think i ever said yes, you may have known me as a first lady for eight years.
10:57 am
but i don't take anything for granted. i have to earn your support. >> reporter: last time around she downplayed gender. waiting until the end to emphasize she would have made history. >> though we were not able to shatter that highest, hardest glass ceiling this time thanks to you, it got about 18 million cracks in it. >> reporter: this time her confidants say gender will be crucial to her campaign. strong women and strong families can grow economies. i've got that grandmother glow that doesn't quit. >> reporter: then there's bill. sometimes stealing the spot light and going offmessage when talking about obama. >> this who thing is the biggest fairytale i have ever seen. >> reporter: as 2016 approaches we're seeing a more disciplined bill clinton. >> i will not be baited. >> reporter: for all the lessons of 2008, relate blt may be the
10:58 am
most important. any 2016 candidate will have to court the middle class. she took a step backwards when she said she was dead broke after leaving the white house. >> any regrets in how you phrased that? >> well let me clarify that i fully appreciate how hard life is for so many americans today. >> reporter: and finally, there's campaign itself. no longer dominated by old clinton loyalists, mrs. clinton has recruited some of the key players who helped obama beat her last time. a sign she wants a campaign more like oobama's. you know, whun one that wins. for "this week." jonathan karl. >> we're joined by john heilemann and mark halperin. kristen soltis anderson and van jones from cnn. welcome to you all. mark, let me begin with you. jon talked about the new team.
10:59 am
she's got barack obama's pollster his media adviser, communications director. brand-new campaign hierarchy. dan ball the dean of political reporters says she has a different campaign. will she be different, too? >> it's all about her. the staffers are important. they know the way to win. they have all won presidential campaigns. they won't be afraid to stand up to her or her husband. the ad maker. these are people who know the mechanics of modern presidential campaigns. she's got the right structure in place. i thinked a dan said the candidate matters most. she has to introduce herself to the public. there's an advantage to not having a contested fight while the republicans have one of the most contested figs we have seen. she may squander this year by announcing late and doing what she often does overthinking
11:00 am
every decision. >> will she have to debate? it doesn't look like there's a candidate she would feel kol peled to have to engage? >> in some way,st it's a double-edged sword. you want to get through this as easily as possible. you don't want to have your first debate in the general election. i think it would be best if some of these guy, martin o'malley jim webb somebody decided to run so she has to get out on the debate stage a couple of times. she won't be able to say no to debates if there's anybody. she can't hide. enough to test her but not so much that she gets damaged. that could be how things play out. >> we saw jon karl hit on the point about gender. last time around, the campaign was all about strength strength strength strength. they downplayed gender. this time we're hearing about grandmother in chief all the time. >> i think a lot of women will vote with their minds, not their
11:01 am
gender. she'll prove she's a likable candidate. there's a moment in the last debate where obama said you're likable enough hillary. going back over the last two decades. the more engaged in the political fight, on the campaign a book tour, the lower her favorables get. figuring out how to make her likable is going to be a big challenge. >> van, what happens if something happens to hillary? where the democratic bench is pretty weak. >> we have talked about gender. elizabeth warren that's the name that is on the lips of every grass roots democrat. >> but she's not running -- her media adviser went to hillary clinton this week. >> and you at the grass roots, where people actually matter. where people vote hundreds of parties this weekend ready for hillary. the biggest force i'm sorry, ready for warren. elizabeth warren. hundreds of grass roots parties.
11:02 am
there's thunder on the left. hillary clinton has to deal with she's in a different world with economics. >> ted cruise isz is talking about it. >> there's a democratic party comfortable about talking about tax the mid rich. >> elizabeth warren is the only democrat capable of capturing lightning in a bottle. to challenge her. if she wanted to. i think elizabeth warren is putting herself in a position if if something happens, she would be in a position to get in the race. i think as long as hillary clinton looks strong, elizabeth warn won't get in the race. if she stumbles, there's a health issue, warren could say, i'm the one. >> jeb bush is out there, too. >> they have joe biden, john
11:03 am
kerry, jerry brown. martin o'malley. they have people who could step in if she falters. right now, she's so far and away the most likely president of the united states. >> most likely president of the writs? >> most likely. if she performs shows authenticity more than anything else if she shows people who she really is and has a second chance to introduce herself, it would be hard to beat her if she performs. >> we need a rebuttal. >> i couldn't agree more. this time around, the democrats are putting the full "a" team on field. the gop side is full of governors and folks from other sectors. i'm looking forward to this. >> 220, 40 electoral votes. >> we'll talk more in a minute. we'll look at the whole gop field. a new poll out of new hampshire. let's see how they do with the power house puzzler.
11:04 am
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to help stop leaks where they happen most. plus, always discreet has a discreet fit that hugs your curves. you barely feel it. new always discreet underwear. now bladder leaks can feel like no big deal. because, hey, pee happens. ♪ in this week's politics buzz board, inoculation consternation. rand paul raised a ruckus by talking about -- >> walking talking normal children who wound up with pro found mental disorders after the vaccine. >> and that interview got testy. >> hey, shh. calm down bait here kelly. >> paul was all smiles later when he got a booster shot. a tough week for chris christie too. forced to backtrack from saying parents need to have some measure of choice on vaccines.
11:10 am
and the new york times saying his london trip just one example of his fondness for luxury travel. christie and paul took a hit on our senti-meter this week. a better week for jeb bush. making his first big policy speech and first step at freshening up the family brand. >> i love my brother. i know if i'm going to be successful, i have to do it on my own. back now with "the roundtable" roundtable". let's talk about that. you and john bringing a new poll from bloomberg. it says george bush jeb bush excuse me. that mistake will be made so many times this cycle in the lead. not only as the first choice ahead of rand paul scott walker, chris christie. add in the second choices. he pops up more. bush 30 paul 18 walker 18 christie 18. a bit of an edge. new hampshire a long time away.
11:11 am
>> mitt romney out of the race. new hampshire and iowa wide open. there are negative things for jeb bush to be sure. his general election favorability is low. i think he's undervalued now as a front-runner even though he has trouble with the grass rot roots. he jumps up with second choice. we compared them on a range of issues. who would be better to beat hillary clinton? jeb bush. family connections, republicans in new hampshire say 59% say that's why he is where he is. only 31% say because of his quality. in the speech in detroit, he said when people get to know me. they won't think of me as my brother or my father. they'll thing of me as me. when he brings the conservative governing to work it's a big plus. >> a big challenge. trying to overcome the foegs that he's a legacy candidate.
11:12 am
we asked what are deal killers? we had, for bush, 41% of republicans said that immigration, his hits on imfwrags was a deal killer for them. another 20 skt said his stance on common core. >> we heard ted cruz point out the issues to show jeb bush is not real conservative. >> i think there will be a robust debate on the right. for what does the republican part stand for in the future? jeb bush wants to define himself as a reform conservative? how do you apply the principles to apply them to reforming institutions? >> van jones, you talked about the debate on the democratic side about inequality. i have been fascinated to see, whether mitt romney talking about poverty. jeb bush addressing it in his speech as well. ted cruz his first answer on this morning's program was about
11:13 am
wealth up equality. that is brnd-new on the republican side. >> paul ryan is now talking about poverty issues. we're dealing with a very different country. the middle class has been decimated not just under obama but in the last 30 years. the problem the republicans have, they have a longer walk than hillary clinton. she has a walk. they have marathon to run to position them as the party of not the rich and wealthy. >> they have an economy that seems to be gaining strength. >> something about that. just to set you up. if we were looking at anything else with obama, we would talk about it all day long. we just had the best report for the past three months now, the strongest job performance in about 15 years. >> 17 years. >> 17 years. health care. the costs are going down the enrollment is going up.
11:14 am
if it were reversed we would be talk about it. >> if the supreme court doesn't overturn obama care and if hillary clinton can talk about hat she likes about obama exhibition and pour toward a different path, it will be tough for republicans. they have to try to you can that about how to deal with the economy going forward. the reason why, again, someone like a jeb bush is well positioned he was the governor of florida. he did things in florida. he's not a first turn senator. not a governor with a mixed economic record. there are flaws in him. i think that speech he gave with the the detroit club was big. >> he might have trouble in iowa. he has hired a campaign manager from iowa. new hampshire hasn't been kind to the bushes. what winnows this field down? right now, there's more than a dozen of them. what winnows this down? >> at the exclusion of big
11:15 am
controversy, someone like chris christie could get winnowed out of the field. if he gets hit with a cascade of controversies. outside that i don't know. you'll have some people raise a lot of money like jeb bush maybe scott walker. he looked good in our new hampshire poll. there's a lot of other candidates who can thrive on free media. they think they have nothing to lose by running. you could see a field of 12 in iowa. and no winnowing until people start losing primaries. >> i think it will be a very fluid race. everybody had their moment in the sun the last time around. >> even herman cain. >> even herman cain. who is picking off the most delegates. someone coming in fourth or fifth place, are they racking up the numbers to where if a
11:16 am
convention comes around it's a brokered convention. >> that worked for barack obama in 2008. >> democrats should worry about the republican primary. they're beginning to look like the rainbow coalition. you may have two latinos, cruz and rubio. a woman, carly fiorina. a black man. ben carson. you would have real superstars. you have a riveting primary on their side. nothing on our side. i think democrats should worry. >> hillary clinton can overcome that by doing the groundwork in battleground states. mitt romney lost in part because he was so occupyied winning his nomination while the president's campaign was saying how to we win the electoral votes of florida, ohio other battleground states.
11:17 am
that involves campaigning. >> and a lot of money. >> i think she may be wasting 2015. she could be in ohio today. >> if she could get a message together she needs to find out a rationale for her candidacy. she could build an incumbents operation with targets, technology. and nobody to contester. she needs a rationale. >> i'm glad the grandmother in chief. she's using zblernd a smart way. grandmothers are tough. i'm glad she stepped up on the vaccines. if anything if government should be able to protect our children from disease. >> i want to ask kristen about that. by the end of the week everybody was together. >> governor bush said it best. people love controversy. i'm just going to say, it's
11:18 am
parents' responsibility to vaccinate their kids. there was a debate in 2012. it was over gardasil. it's not spread the same way of measles. i think candidates had that in mind. >> we have to take break. excellent point. up next rick and karen santorum on "bella's gift." and a new look at rosa parks.
11:19 am
the doctors later told us that bella -- bella was incompatible with have b so severe that bella would not have a life worth living. we didn't let go. [ cheers and applause ] >> rick santorum at the gop con
11:20 am
vepgs in 2012 celebrating his youngest daughter bella. born with trisome 18. a condition that takes the life of most children born with it before they first birthday. at his most raw and emotional, he confessed to losing hope. >> i decided that the best thing i could do was to treat her differently. to not love her. like i did. because it wouldn't hurt as much. if i lost her. >> bella beat the odds. she's 6 now and in their new book "bella's gift" rick and karen santorum share the trials and gifts of the journey. a strong little girl's remarkable survival. rick and karen santorum join us now. a remarkable book. a remark b girl.
11:21 am
three weeks from her 7th birthday? >> three months. >> how is she doing? >> she's been healthy. she's doing great. stable. a joy to our family. >> what's amazing about the book how honest open emotional you are. i met ewe a few months ago. you said you hadn't read karen's chapters. you were each writing a chapter one by one. >> yeah the reason was, i wanted to write -- because i thought the great thing about this book was it gives two perspectives. hers as a mom. as the fighter. as the person who was going to do everything. and my perspective as the dad trying to manage everything and, as you heard, i found myself trying to be a little detached and -- it was a -- >> that was an amazing moment in the campaign. >> you bring us inside your home. you say you were stunned and deeply hurt by that confession. >> i was because it -- it was --
11:22 am
it could be missberpinterpretsberpinterpretmisinterpreted. he was so afraid of the hurt. having to revisit that. >> this becomes i guess a portrait of a marriage. you're both grounded in faith and love. strong-willed people with real emotions and real dins about how to deal with this. >> i think moms and dads handle things differently. you look at the high percentage of divorce among parents of disabled children. that motivated us to write this to give people an inside look. it's not easy. it's great gift. these kids are a gift. every life is worth it. >> that is so important. robin roberts in her book was open about the real emotions that bubbled up in her life. and it does i think, it must help people know this is listen we're real. this is not easy. we had our differences. we got through it.
11:23 am
>> you forgive. you get through, you heal. you move on. these parents, this book was really written for parents of kids with disabilities. that's why it's so transparent. they inspire us. they're amazing. you talk to each and every one of these parents, the message is that every person matters. >> what did you learn about the health care system? i was struck by your portrait of it seemed at least from your telling, some fairly callous health care providers? >> go ahead. >> there have so many wonderful doctors and nurses out there. but there are some i don't thing it's intentional. maybe it's because they don't understand a trisome 18 diagnosis. bella's message. we said she's a little girl with a big message. her message is don't look at her as a diagnosis. look at her and many other people like bella, as a person. and don't write them off just because of that diagnosis.
11:24 am
because, lethal language can lead to lethal outcomes. >> you talk about how this affected your campaign and your family. the campaign was a family affair last time around. you're open about the discussions. what is the kitchen table talk like now? >> bella is doing so much better. on a great routine right now. doing really really well. it's frankly, not as big a drn this time around as last time. but, you know we have a lot of other factors to consider in making that decision. with respect to bella, we feel good enough to actually go out and tell the story and put a book out there with a lot of confidence. >> and a lot of people will get a lot out of it. rick and karen, thank you very mu
11:25 am
in this week and "sunday spotlight," fascinating revelations about a familiar hero rosa parks. we know her act of defiance on the alabama bus. this week we learn more about her rich target by documents released by the library of congress. >> reporter: this iconic image of the defiant seamstress. a seepingly accidental crewusader. >> only thing i was doing was trying to get home from work. >> reporter: we make so many assumptions about her based on that one snapshot. >> that is really the marvelous
11:26 am
thing about this collection is that it allows us insight into the innermost rosa. >> reporter: that rosa it turns out, was full of fight var early on. listen to the fiery thoughts from her as a 6-year-old child. >> i stayed awake, keeping vigil with grandpa. i wanted to see him kill a klu kluxer. he declared the first to invade our home would surelidy. >> reporter: they said the biggest discovery was she was a passionate excellent writer. from letters to friends to leer musings. >> from almost our first noblg of life to our last conscious thought. there is always a line of some kind. color line hanging rope tight rope. >> reporter: that's beautiful. >> isn't it? >> reporter: and her devotion to
11:27 am
her husband, raymond is all over the collection. she carried this picture of him in her wallet to sustain her when she were separated. but we see a new side of their relationship too. she writes about his worry for her safety. >> so many times, he said he would have gotten off the bus. he said i had a goat head. >> reporter: more like a will of steel. and a drive to make change from her earliest days. >> you find that rebellious voice. that defiant spirit evoked in these writings. that to me is the underlying power of this collection. >> reporter: for "this week." claire shipman, abc news washington. >> i can't wait to bring my kids to see it. we end with good news. the pentagon did not release any names of service mebs killed in iran or irak. a new welcome to our newest viewer. royal frederick kastens.
11:28 am
they're doing well. thank you for sharing part of your sunday with us. check out "world news." i'll see you tomorrow on "gma."
11:29 am
11:30 am
>> former pennsylvania treasurer rob mccord has agreed to plead guilty to charges. extortion. is there more to this and what kind of sentencing is he facing? let's get the inside story. good morning i'm tamala edwards, welcome to inside story let's introduce to this morning's panel. first up, sharmaine matlock-turner. brian tyranny and roger burrell and region anyway amoore. we're building a new set next week i'll let you look at it, i'm told it will be fabulous. rob mccord surprising so many people with the statement coming out and


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